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Popular prepaid cellphone provider Simple Cellphone provides new users with simple-to-follow mobile activation procedures.

The easy-to-follow mobile activation process lets customers set up their mobile services quickly. Simple Mobile is a well-known prepaid cellular operator offering new customers easily accessible activation options. Most of the time, customers may use the Simple Mobile customer support hotline or the company’s website to activate their phones. To launch their accounts worldwide, users must provide the following essential information: the IMEI of their phone, the SIM card number, and personal information.

 As it enables a seamless transition, users can access voice, text, and data services as soon as the activation process is over. Simple Mobile’s activation approach prioritizes accessibility and convenience to accommodate many users. Without the hassles of standard operator activations, this method offers a fast and straightforward way to connect to trustworthy services. This article explores the nuances of the Simply Mobile activation process to help users quickly get up to speed on the quick and easy steps required to utilize their services.

Regarding the It’s Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile began operations in 2009, and in 2012, America Mobile purchased the business to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tracfone Wireless. Simple Mobile is a network service provider that runs on the T-Mobile MVNO network and offers Quick network coverage comparable to that of T-Mobile. If you are curious about whose network Simple Mobile uses, the answer is that it operates on the T-Mobile MVNO network.

At a reasonable price, it provides plans that are both limitless and worldwide in scope. The business offers comprehensive prepaid services beginning at a dollar per month, with no additional fees. In addition, this service provider gives qualified clients a free Simple Mobile phone as a perk for being a customer of theirs.

Transferring From the Current Number To Basic Mobile

You can benefit from the SIM card porting service that Simple Mobile provides by contacting the company’s customer care team. However, before transferring an existing one to Simple Mobile, you must ensure that any payments you make to your network service provider aren’t completed in full. 

When you transfer your number to Simple Mobile. You will need to ensure that you have a phone compatible with their system. When you call the customer service number for Simple Mobile. An executive will walk you through each step of the procedure, beginning with the very first step. They will additionally be asking you some supplementary identification verification questions to ensure that you are who you say you are.

The Process of Activating Your SIM Card on Your Simple Phone

sim card

You can activate the SIM card for your Simple Phone by using three distinct methods. They may evaluate your application for a new number if you fail to say that you want to maintain your current number. Make sure to state that you want to preserve your existing number.

Insert Your SIM Card Into Your Phone to Start the Activation Process.

Simply phoning the toll-free line at 1-877-878-7908 is the most straightforward method for enrolling your SIM card. Simply dialing this number will not cost you a dime and will put you in touch with the helpful staff of Simple Phone. It becomes assumed that you need a new number if you do not choose the option to transfer your existing number. So pay careful attention to the instructions and select whoever is most relevant to your situation.

Remember to highlight that you must transfer your current phone number to the team member assisting you if you are communicating with that team member. You will be able to set up your SIM card if you follow the instructions given to you by customer support and do the procedures correctly.

Using the Smart Phone Online Portal to Activate the SIM Online

Using the Smart Phone Online Portal to Activate the SIM Online
  • To activate your SIM card online, visit the company website page that manufactured your Smart Phone. You can discover the option to Activate in the website’s menu when you see it.
  • To see the possibilities, you must first choose the Activate button. A primary phone with the option to bring your device. Make decisions using the correct option.
  • You will come next required to enter the 19-digit SIM number. It would be best to find this information displayed on the red activation card with the device.
  • Pick a service plan that works for you.
  • Pay the amount due.

Activate Your SIM Card for Simple Mobile at a Physical Store

You may visit any Simple Mobile retail shop nearby for assistance with SIM card activation if you run into any issues when trying to activate the SIM card that came with your phone.

Works in Mexico with Simple Mobile?

video message

The short answer is yes; you may use Simple Mobile in Mexico. You may use their programs for a month. Roaming has become accessible in Mexico, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, India, and Peru. Costa Rica is the only country in which it remains available.

Are Straight Talk and Simple Mobile the Same Thing?

Though they share many characteristics, Straight Talk and Simple Mobile differdifferent.


Under the same T-Mobile, which network as phone is Straight Talk. Many people believe they are the same since they utilize the same network.

Both businesses provide options that are both appealing and reasonably priced.

Both businesses highly value customer care services.


Although phone SIM cards start at twenty-five dollars per month and Straight Talk transactions start at thirty-five dollars. Both carriers have relatively reasonable costs.

While phone has only one provider—T-Mobile—Straight Talk uses network services from many carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Customizing your Basic Mobile APN Configuration

Customizing your Basic Mobile APN Configuration

Your phone may connect to the internet by programming its Access Point Name (APN) settings. Navigate your screen and find the APN settings button to program your phone APN. The APN settings often appear under Network settings, depending on your device. Make a new Access Point Name and fill in the required details under the APN settings tab.

Your phone’s make and model will determine what input data you need. You may get accurate data by entering the APN settings page and typing your SIM card number into the input area.


Popular prepaid cellphone provider Simple Cellphone provides new users with simple-to-follow mobile activation procedures. The business offers unlimited, international prepaid services beginning at one dollar per month with no extra costs, and it is based on the T-Mobile MVNO network. Additionally, it provides qualifying consumers with a free SIM card as a bonus.

You can activate your SIM card using the Smart Phone Online Portal, calling toll-free at 1-877-878-7908, or going to a physical shop. While roaming is accessible in Mexico, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, India, and Peru. You may utilize Simple Mobile’s services in Mexico for a month.

Regarding network coverage, Straight Talk and Simple phone are comparable, providing appealing and cost-effective choices. Both businesses emphasize providing excellent customer service and charge fair prices. On the other hand, Straight Talk employs network services from many carriers. Including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, while Simple Mobile has only one supplier, T-Mobile.

It’s simple to customize your Basic Mobile APN configuration. To set up your Access Point’s Name (Patient care), use the APN settings button and type the SIM card number in the designated field. Enter your SIM card number in the input section. The make and model of your phone will decide what input data you require.

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